Loughborough Energy Sustainability

Energy management is an important economic and environmental issue in today’s world. The consumption of energy for organisational operations comes at an organisational cost.  Gas and electricity bills are forecast to continue rising and it is important to reduce energy consumption to cut expense and avoid carbon taxes. Futhermore, the carbon produced as a by-product  from the use of energy is a major contributor to climate change. Climate change is a major global issue and legislations have been put in place to ensure organisations are at the vintage of sustainability and best practices. As part of our commitment to community development, GreenPad Enterprise is initiating an energy sustainability programme for not for profit organisations and businesses within Loughborough. The major aim of the programme is to improve the green credentials of not for profit organisations and businesses within Loughborough in an energy context.

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Email the name of your organisation to info@gpad.org.uk and quote ref number (07012015) in the subject line.

Or ring us on 03301330029.

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