About Us

Who we are

Here at GreenPad Enterprise we have a great interest in the preservation of the environment and are enthusiastic about promoting sustainability. We have studied within the field of sustainable development at both graduate and post-graduate levels. We are experienced with working in this field, having completed projects both locally and on an international level. The company is set up to provide technical support and sustainability services to the wider community, helping them to integrate sustainable practice into their day-to-day operations.


GreenPad Enterprise has been built around three core values:

We are 100% committed to sustainability. The social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainability remain our priority throughout.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways of doing things in a green context. We use innovative methods to assist, work and engage with businesses and communities and to inform them about the benefits of sustainable practice. Also, we believe that younger members of the community are the future, and therefore deem their involvement in sustainability as key to ensuring sustainability for generations to come.

At the heart of GreenPad Enterprise is the goal to encourage and work for the development of businesses and young people in a green context. Businesses and people who can continue to improve The United Kingdom’s green credentials.


There are many benefits associated with being green – not just for the environment,  but for your wallet too. We are on a mission to help businesses and communities improve their green credentials in order to work towards a sustainable society- with a society dependent on finite resources we need to act fast. Also, we aim to educate the younger members of the community and inspire them to take an interest in the future of their planet whilst,  instilling in them pro-environmental behaviours. Some of them may even become future green-professionals themselves.